Flight shaming consumers into aviation sustainability: Which factors moderate?

a woman is standing in front of an airplane.


Flight shaming has evolved from recent environmental activism efforts to curb air transportation use because of its adverse environmental impacts. This research aimed to determine if there was a significant effect of flight shaming on willingness to fly and identify what factors moderated this effect. Through the use of three studies and a total of 847 participants, results indicated participants were significantly less willing to fly when exposed to the flight shaming condition. Two of the four proposed moderators, value with sustainability and willingness to pay for sustainability, had a significant moderating effect where participants with high levels of these moderating variables were significantly less willing to fly than those with lower values. This research highlights the impact of flight shaming and demonstrates the need for airlines to curb the effects of flight shaming by promoting climate sustainment within their operations.

Winter, S. R., Lamb, T. L., Wallace, R., J., and Anderson, C. L. (2021).

The International Journal of Sustainable Aviation, 7(1), 21-45.