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What are the features and functions of AIRS Vision™?

No more frustration or extra expense with having to decide and pay for different modules, AIRS Vision™ comes complete with all features and all capabilities fully ready to receive and centralize all your operational safety data for immediate use. AIRS Vision™ is the only known SMS/QMS and Business Resilience platform to combine system-wide safety features into a fully centralized and integrated platform.

AIRS Vision™ supports big data, and an architecture that supports data mining and powerful analytics. All you need is AIRS Vision™ to effectively manage your entire System-Wide-Safety, Quality, Frontline Personnel, Regulatory and Compliance performance – AIRS Vision™ can pull data from other platforms, documents, communications media solving many of the problems facing safety managers and organizations today.

AIRS Vision™ will arrive in your organization (Airline, Helicopter operator, Business Aviation, Small Charter, Airport and Ground Handling, Unmanned Aircraft Operations) ready to use, however, it is fully configurable to your specific needs. Configuration is fast, easy, and can be done by the customer or Quantum AI.

AIRS Vision™ is the only known SMS/QMS/Business Resilience Platform that collects and presents Human Factors and Non-Technical Skills findings for detailed reporting and analysis. Tracks and manages compliance, pilot and remote pilot performance and records, quantitative and qualitative safety culture metrics.

AIRS Vision™ handles big data, such as telemetry data for advanced aviation, flight data recorder for analysis and integration with other operational safety data. Additionally AIRS Vision™ can integrate and pull data from other platforms if required.

Safety personnel are transformed into experts, able to provide senior leadership with the information they need for critical decision making through over 135 specialized safety, quality, safety culture and human factors reports within moments and a few mouse clicks. It’s more than safety performance. It is efficiency, operational and financial risk reduction.

There is no user limit per AIRS Vision™ license, and AIRS Vision™ has unlimited division capability. Unlimited Division capability can be extremely powerful for organizations who want divisions to manage their own safety, but still need to be integrated into the organizations’ safety and quality management system.

This powerful capability also means a ‘safety sharing division’ can be utilized to share safety information with the regulator (CAA, or FAA), other operators, client or stakeholder organizations. Safety Data sharing is a required activity in some countries, and recommended by the International Civil Aviation Organization.

Other examples of the unlimited division capability include internal division use such as; Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul, Flight Operations, Administration, Occupational Health and Safety, audit and compliance division, to name just a few examples.

The head of safety for the parent organization can choose division visibility at any time.

How does AIRS Vision™ ensure security?

The AIRS Vision™ platform uses an SSL certificate web-based browser with Azure Platform Encryption. Operating systems are hardened to provide the necessary ports, protocols, and services to meet business needs using technical controls (e.g., antivirus, file integrity monitoring, and logging) as part of our baseline build standard or template.

AIRS Vision™ uses manual source-code analysis to detect security defects in code, uses applications for security vulnerabilities, and addresses any issues before deployment to production.

AIRS Vision™ has established policies and procedures to triage and remedy reported bugs and security vulnerabilities for product and service offerings.

AIRS Vision™ has controls to ensure that quality standards are compliant for all software development. We have mechanisms to ensure that all debugging and test code elements are removed from released software versions.

We have procedures to ensure product data is not replicated or used in non-production environments. Additionally, security vulnerability assessment tools and services are used to accommodate the virtualization technologies (e.g., virtualization-aware).

We have anti-malware programs that support or connect to your cloud service offerings installed on all our IT infrastructure network and systems components.

“New” users are forced to change their password upon first login. A user can change their password at any time. Password transmission and storage are encrypted and unviewable even to the system administrators.

AIRS Vision™ is set to automatically lock a user’s account after a predetermined number of consecutive unsuccessful login attempts. In addition, AIRS Vision™ will automatically log a user off the application after a predefined period of inactivity is recorded.

The AIRS Vision™ log will capture user access activity such as successful logon, logoff, and unsuccessful login attempts. In addition, AIRS Vision™ will log and capture data entries, changes, and deletions.

AIRS Vision™ supports using and integrating existing customer-based Single Sign On (SSO) solutions through Azure AD SAML.

AIRS Vision™ can run a backup and store it locally and externally. AIRS Vision™ can be used offline, for inflight or remote use.

We use third-party/open-source/proprietary frameworks to manage encryption keys. We use Azure Platform Encryption to encrypt tenant data at rest (on disk/storage) within our environment. Data on flight operations is encrypted using HTTPS/SSL.

WAF monitors & reports traffic. Microsoft Defender for Cloud monitors and reports servers for continuously monitoring and reporting our infrastructure’s compliance against your information security baselines.

On request, we can provide tenants with separate SaaS environments for production and test processes.

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