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Operate with superior safety standards through Quantum AI’s industry-focused consulting service and training for aviation safety and industrial safety.
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Quantum AI’s Expertise

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Safety and risk, two very different concepts representing a balance of achieving long term strategic goals, and shorter term tactical objectives. We achieve this by identifying hidden risks, critical business decision making and the resilience of systems, people, and assets.
Engineering safety and risk So Far Is Reasonably Practical (SFARP) to minimize an organization’s exposure to civil and criminal liability arising from accidents and incidents, and ensure compliance gaps in reasonable duty of care are closed.
The team at Quantum AI are strong advocates for the advancement of aviation and autonomous innovation. We support practical and performance based regulations enabling high levels of safety without stifling innovation and success of the industry.
Transportation technology rapidly advances in complex safety-critical industries such as crewed and uncrewed aviation, driverless cars, and land and sea cargo. The human interaction, reliance, and relationship with automation can increase operational safety and efficiency and enable the scalability of one operator to many vehicles, systems, or processes. However, this expanded capability requires evolved human factors and human integration training, understanding, adaptability, and resilience to cope with the inevitable challenges of increased automation and autonomous operations.

Aviation Safety


Quantum AI has a combined experience of over 100 years in commercial aviation; they include pilots, instructors, software developers, safety investigators, lead auditors, risk specialists, system engineers, and aviation human factors experts.

Our experts provide aviation intelligence and solutions to support advanced operational petitions and approvals from the regulator. Quantum AI specializes in advanced safety case development, operational due diligence, and regulatory and policy support.

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Advanced Aviation and Vertiports

The Quantum AI team is at the forefront of the emerging advanced aviation industry, actively participating in research and development,
academia, and industry efforts to produce practical solutions to the challenges of predicting safety performance and resilience in a highly
automated internet of things environment.

Operations at Vertiports and Skyports will require real-time automated and predictive safety, quality monitoring, and control. The AIRS Vision™ is a next-generation platform like no other that provides the fusion of recognized aviation practice with the elements in the emerging advanced and urban air mobility ecosystem.

Industrial Safety

Oil, Gas, Mining, and Manufacturing

Quantum AI Industrial Safety has resources with many years of experience in Oil and Gas, as well as Manufacturing.

This group can help assess performance and develop improvement strategies, provide safety culture assessments and suggestions to improve employee engagement, and assist with incident investigations and robust and sustainable corrective actions. The team has a track record of helping companies improve safety performance and programs.

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Land Transportation Safety

Land transportation continues to be one of the leading causes of injuries to industry. Traditional safety programs focus on drivers and vehicles, and Quantum AI can help assess and provide means to improve performance and reduce the risk of vehicle incidents.

Additionally, the AIRS and AIRS Vision™ platform is engineered to centralize systems safety monitoring for land transportation safety as well as more advanced vehicles such as: Driver-assist cars, autonomous trains, and automated commercial vehicles.

Training Programs

Safety Leadership Training

Quantum AI offers Safety Leadership Training for the Boardroom through the Front Line.

All training sessions can be customized to suit the organization’s needs and integrate programs.

Sessions can be virtual or in-person and include follow-up to assess the attendee’s level of understanding and action around the materials.

Safety Culture and Employee Engagement

Safety Culture can vary across an organization and unless the strengths and weaknesses are identified and addressed, performance will continue to be at risk for unplanned and unwanted incidents.

Safety Culture surveys can help identify areas needing intervention, and the type of intervention needed.

Quantum AI offers a solution and model for Employee Engagement in your organization’s culture of safety that will help leaders and safety professionals understand attitudes and levels of participation.

Executive Safety Coaching

Leadership in Safety and Performance actions and messaging can, and should, look different across levels of an organization.

While many leaders may have had a variety of soft-skills training, Quantum-AI offers coaching relevant to the needs, and level, of leadership. This includes coaching for CEOs, Directors, through front-line supervisors.

Safety Performance Assessments and Improvement Planning

Many organizations are good at planning for financial performance and strategic market improvement. However, the principles for improving safety often require adjustment to make a difference in human and organizational performance.

Quantum AI offers strategic performance assessments and improvement advice based on real-world experience that can lead to achieving your company’s goals.

Incident Investigation/Assessment

Quantum AI can help facilitate incident investigations and work with your legal department to assure privilege if needed.

Driving Safety

Vehicle crashes are the leading cause of occupational fatalities in the US and present an economic risk to companies with fleets.

Quantum AI has experience with performance improvement around driving safety and can help reduce the risk of crashes and losses.

Safety Leadership Training

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Safety Culture and Employee Engagement

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Executive Safety Coaching

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Safety Performance Assessments and Improvement Planning

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Incident Investigation/Assessment

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Driving Safety

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Lead with Superior Risk

Connect with Quantum AI’s safety experts to strengthen your industry leadership while ensuring safety.