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Advanced Integrated Resilience System

AIRS Vision™ is the next-generation platform of safety, risk & quality management (SMS/QMS). Superior analytical power means business resilience and data-driven decision-making.  Over 10 years of excellence in safety-critical industries.

FAA 120-92B | 14 CFR Part 5 SMS | ICAO Annex 19 SMS | ICAO Doc 9859 SMM | ISO 9100 QMS | ISO 3100 RMS

The first SMS/QMS business resilience platform to incorporate metrics for :

  • Human Factors and Non-Technical Skills
  • Organizational Safety Culture performance and monitoring
  • Passenger Experience Metrics: Trust and Confidence, Willingness to Fly
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The usual challenges of managing safety and risk include: ...

Disparate and unfit platforms

Many organizations try to manage the complexities of a safety management system through processes developed in-house. This leads to disparate and separate repositories for safety data.

Critical safety data is not integrated

It cannot be properly analyzed, monitored, or used for meaningful safety and risk mitigation.

Wastes time and resources

Management of decentralized repositories wastes time and resources of the safety manager, and has a negative impact on business decision making. This situation negatively impacts the ‘safety culture’ of the organization, further increasing sub-optimal human and system performance.

Risk of non-compliance

The risk of non-compliance and potential legal risk exposure can result in fines, loss of approvals, malpractice, and other legal ramifications.

AIRS Vision™ Features

Real-Time Data Management

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System-Wide Centralized Safety

Superior Decision-Making

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the dashboard of a mobile phone displaying a dashboard.

Professional Training and Support

AIRS Vision™ workflows and functions follow these industy standards:
ISO 31000:201
ISO 9001:2015
ICAO Annex 19
ICAO 9859
OSHA 29 CFR 1910
FAA AC 120.92B
FAA 8000.369B
ISO 31000:201
ISO 9001:2015
ICAO Annex 19
ICAO 9859
OSHA 29 CFR 1910
FAA AC 120.92B
FAA 8000.369B

Making Effective Risk Management Easy

Empower your people to understand and address key performance indicators.
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Increase efficiency of safety performance

Generate smart reports, track cost savings, monitor supply chain efficiency.

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Create a proactive safety culture

When your people are empowered by safety ownership, operating costs & risks significantly decrease.

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24/7 training and expert support

On-demand support with AIRSPedia. Specialized courses on Human Factors, Crew Resource Management, & Safety Culture.

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Proven usability

Professional users report functional performance empowerment and enjoyment

Case Studies

See why Quantum AI is the trusted safety expert of industry leaders.
"Capturing all events and encouraging proactiveness"
10+ years as the “mission critical software” for aero-space development
Ensuring safety of 30,000+ participants per yer

Frequently Asked Questions

No more frustration or extra expense with having to decide and pay for different modules, AIRS Vision™ comes complete with all features and all capabilities fully ready to receive and centralize all your operational safety data for immediate use. AIRS Vision™ is the only known SMS/QMS and Business Resilience platform to combine system-wide safety features into a fully centralized and integrated platform.

AIRS Vision™ supports big data, and an architecture that supports data mining and powerful analytics. All you need is AIRS Vision™ to effectively manage your entire System-Wide-Safety, Quality, Frontline Personnel, Regulatory and Compliance performance – AIRS Vision™ can pull data from other platforms, documents, communications media solving many of the problems facing safety managers and organizations today.

AIRS Vision™ will arrive in your organization (Airline, Helicopter operator, Business Aviation, Small Charter, Airport and Ground Handling, Unmanned Aircraft Operations) ready to use, however, it is fully configurable to your specific needs. Configuration is fast, easy, and can be done by the customer or Quantum AI.

AIRS Vision™ is the only known SMS/QMS/Business Resilience Platform that collects and presents Human Factors and Non-Technical Skills findings for detailed reporting and analysis. Tracks and manages compliance, pilot and remote pilot performance and records, quantitative and qualitative safety culture metrics.

AIRS Vision™ handles big data, such as telemetry data for advanced aviation, flight data recorder for analysis and integration with other operational safety data. Additionally AIRS Vision™ can integrate and pull data from other platforms if required.

Safety personnel are transformed into experts, able to provide senior leadership with the information they need for critical decision making through over 135 specialized safety, quality, safety culture and human factors reports within moments and a few mouse clicks. It’s more than safety performance. It is efficiency, operational and financial risk reduction.

There is no user limit per AIRS Vision™ license, and AIRS Vision™ has unlimited division capability. Unlimited Division capability can be extremely powerful for organizations who want divisions to manage their own safety, but still need to be integrated into the organizations’ safety and quality management system.

This powerful capability also means a ‘safety sharing division’ can be utilized to share safety information with the regulator (CAA, or FAA), other operators, client or stakeholder organizations. Safety Data sharing is a required activity in some countries, and recommended by the International Civil Aviation Organization.

Other examples of the unlimited division capability include internal division use such as; Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul, Flight Operations, Administration, Occupational Health and Safety, audit and compliance division, to name just a few examples.

The head of safety for the parent organization can choose division visibility at any time.

Lead with Superior Risk

Connect with Quantum AI’s safety experts to strengthen your industry leadership while ensuring safety.