Small Unmanned Aircraft Operator Perceived Risk Factors in the VMUTES model

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Lamb, T. L., Myers, P., & Truong, D. (2022). Small Unmanned Aircraft Operator Perceived Risk Factors in the VMUTES model. Journal of Air Transport Management, 103, 102243. AbstractThe significant benefits of using uncrewed aircraft systems for industrial inspections are now recognized, and the implementation of these commercial drones is increasing exponentially. However, there is a lack of […]

Quantum Safety Metrics Framework for Commercial Unmanned Aircraft Operators

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Abstract Commercial unmanned aircraft systems continue to increase in applications and diversity; however, mishaps and accidents erode safety, investment return, and efficiency. Most unmanned aircraft accidents are preceded by leading indicators; the ability to forecast and quantify these may provide increased safety and profitability. This mixed-method research study used a non-experimental parallel convergence approach with […]

The Changing Face of Airmanship and Safety Culture Operating Unmanned Aircraft Systems

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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-7900-7.ch009 ABSTRACTThe notion of using drones for commercial purposes has evolved in the past 5 yearsfrom the initial “boom” of excitement around this, somewhat of a novelty andcuriosity, to more calculated and sophisticated use of unmanned aircraft systems(UAS), or drones. In the hands of true professionals, drones can offer highly efficientand profitable solutions for […]

Gender bias in the Australian aviation industry: Emergent themes, possible solutions.

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Lamb, T. L. and Winter, S. R. (2021, August). Presentation at the 24th Air Transport Research Society’s World Conference, Sydney, Australia. It has been over 100 years since women first took to the sky as pilots. In Australia, like many other countries, legislation has evolved to support gender equality to minimize bias and discrimination in […]